Polisma deep freeze resistant Inks

We are mainly looking for enquiries from Foreign Countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Sri lanka and Pakistan.

* We do not claim to manufacture the above displayed product, Our intention is to
display the use of inks on different substrates.
We are the manufacturers and exporters of Flexographic and Rotogravure Poly Printing Inks. Rotogravure Solvent Based Poly Printing Inks are used for printing on carona treated polyethylene LDPE-HDPE Films for Shopping Bags,Garments and other packing.

  • Excellent Deep Freeze resistance
  • Excellent Fat Resistance
  • Good Printing Stability
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good water Resistance
  • Treated LDPE/PP films

  • IPA for Flexo, IPA+ Toluene for Gravure


Recommended App. :
  • Suitable to print of all Freeze products Pkg.