About Us

We, PRISMA INK are considered as one of the reliable and most eminent business entities. We specialize in serving our clients with different types of inks.

Working as a Manufacturer, we not just maintained a diversity of link in our portfolio but we also remain capable to respond to large demands of customers. Our inks include Pigment Paste, Flexo Printing Inks, Gravure Printing Links, and Resins.

We understand that Client’s Contentment is only earned if we ethically treat them and offer them Product which are of most commendable quality. We always maintain transparency in our business dealings We ascertain to our customers that will receive only the most praiseworthy quality products from our end.

Working toward achieving success globally, we are greatly focused on treating each customer rightfully who comes to us. It is the contentment of one client which adds up to conquering the whole market. We never compromise in any factor for earning satisfaction of a client, and always ensure that they are treated in most ethical manner. Benefiting the clients when they come to us is one of the most cherished attributes of our firm, which we have maintained with sincere orientation towards contentment of the customers.

Some of the benefits which us a priority of customers are mentioned below:-

> We cater to quality assured products
> We never compromise with punctuality when we deliver.
> We price our offerings at rates which can be easily afforded by the customers.

A quality which is worth to avail is always appreciated by the customer. We know that it is the only factor which attracts the clients to deal with a company, and also it helps in retaining the customers for future business dealings. Giving immense significance to quality, we always ascertain that the ink which is manufactured at our end is of most reliable quality and surely surpasses the expectations of customers. Ingredients we use for formulating the inks are most reliable and are assured to be used with complete precision so that we attain the right sharpness of color. Further, once the ink is produced, then a team of strict quality checker execute tests on a number of parameters prior to dispatch so that we stand true to our promise of delivering best quality products.

Our Mission

The vision of our company Prisma ink is to provide best printing inks worldwide at low price and build a strong business group to give strength to the PI to make the name of the Prisma ink to be written with bold letters and shine like the perfect gloss as our printing inks.

Our products are so variant to give solution to any kind of printing substrate like BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, PP, HM etc. we provide a modified and beautiful looks to each surface using our printing inks.

  1. Our inks provide high transparency to the clients during business deals.
  2. Our inks definitely give an excellent gloss to the any surface.
  3. Our inks provide scratch less printing.
  4. Our inks do not let the strength be weaken after the printing
  5. We use eco friendly solvent systems.
  6. Our printing inks easily handle the rheological properties to keep the balance.
  7. We try to redeem some odor after and during printing.
  8. Our inks give rapid drying of the prints that leads to the evaporation of solvents
  9. Our printing inks are compatible with most solvents.
  10. Our inks provide best print stability.
  11. Our inks provide great adhesion and bond where it requires.
  12. Our inks give the best yield
  13. Printing inks on machines give excellent release of solvent even during high speeds.


Prisma ink is a big chain of business growing day by day. We are on a phase to connect each corner worldwide to make and connect people with us through a strongest business bonds. Our products are so unique to be used and our products are the solution to any problem, any demand of customer related to the printing inks.

Our networks include people for different designations like board of directors for corporate governance, financials to support the rising industry of ink printing. Stake holders to spread the business and provide employment to the population. Investors trust our product and invest in the company

The link with INVESTORS is made by providing them the honor to take care of the shares of the company in the market. Investors are given full freedom to ask for any query related to shareholding patterns, governor corporate, financial reports or annual reports.

The CORPORATE GOVERNORS in other words are the body of board members, who reflects the policies, culture and relationship with the customers or stakeholders in the prospect of the company. We consider corporate governance important to achieve corporate goals and maintain the value chain of the company. The corporate governor’s of the company enable company men to work in fair, honest, diligent and ethical manner.

We provide the clear lists of financials with quotations from past years to present era. We do provide the annual report of our company, without any fake performance persona, our stakeholders, customers, members of board of directors have full right to look into our report and ask for any query



The fresh and rising name in the scenario of printing ink industry. This industry links with people all-over and increase their business growth. PRISMA INKS committing the quality, consistency of the products and technical support for long term business relationship worldwide. This company is working on the basis of low cost best profit formula. PI not just look upon its on growth but also nourish the development of our customer by providing best inks. PI serves vast range of printing ink for flexographic and gravure process.


LIQUID PRINTING INKS:Liquid printing inks are used to print many kind of substrate with different inks. Liquid printing inks vary with two categories, which are further differentiated on their basis. The two categories are:

  1. Surface printing inks: With gravure and flexo process, our high performance inks applicable BOPP, PE, PVC shrink film etc. with high gloss, rub resistance, deep freeze resistance for cold item, fat resistance for oil and milk and its product and chemical resistance for salt and detergent packaging.
  2. Reverse printing inks: our high performance inks for reverse printing and laminating with extremely low solvent retention. Applicable on BOPP, PET, PP Woven sack.



A growing industry that provides colors to the uncolored packing materials to make packing look beautiful. PI is building a great circle of business and it is growing step by step. The motive of the company is to hold hand nationwide and connect nations worldwide through business empowerment. This industry performs different research and development to reach the exact requirement of the Packing industries.


We are well embedded with the research and development art to bring something unique and useful. Our research reached a state where printing any substrate with any color, without harming the surface of the product. We have inks for flexible printing, which enable us to print any flexible packing materials to be printed as it is.

Solvent based flexible ink printing is done using different solvents. In Solvent liquid ink printing we have developed may features which give us best printing density, high printing resolutions, half tone reproductions, and superb printing properties during lamination printing inks. Surface printing inks provide us fast speed of printing with excellent printing properties using fine cylinder engraving. For preparing solvent based gravure and flexographic prints, pigment concentrates are used. Pigment concentrates provide easy flowing viscosity and high pigmentation. This concentrated printing provides the fast printing with the help of high tech modern advanced printing machines.