Pricraft- waterbase flexo inks

We are mainly looking for enquiries from Foreign Countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Sri lanka and Pakistan.

* We do not claim to manufacture the above displayed product, Our intention is to
display the use of inks on different substrates.
Pvc Heat Shrink Label Inks Based on NC & Poly amide Resin for treated Polyethylene, Polypropylene PVC and wide range of Olefinic substrates. Gravure Surface Printing Concentrated Poly Inks Based on NC & Polyamide Resin are designed for surface printing on Gravure machines with cylinders.

  • Excellent printing stability
  • Good color strengths

  • Duplex board/kraft paper

  • Water IPA for fast drying


Recommended App:
  • Suitable to printing on Papers,Cartons and any Kraft Packaging